Defensive Magic: How to Cast a Freezer Spell

If you’re searching for a way to stop negative energy in its tracks, a Freezer Spell might be what you’re looking for. Freezer Spells are not complicated and great for beginner Witches and seasoned practitioners alike.

What is a Freezer Spell?

A Freezer Spell, also known as a Banishing Spell, Freeze Spell, or Ice Box Spell, is spellwork used to banish or “freeze” people (and the negative energy they carry) out of your life. Freezer Spells are perfect for enemies, so if you have a gossipy mother-in-law or a stalker ex, this is an ideal spell to ward them off, removing their energy from your life. Freezer Spells are also non-harmful to the receiver, so those of you who are concerned about Karma can rest easy. 

Gather Your Supplies

  • Choose Your Container
      1. All that truly matters here is that your container is freezer-proof and will seal completely. A glass jar is the most popular choice here (and easily accessible), but a zip-lock bag, a Tupperware container, or a sealable can will work just as well.
  • Choose the Subject of the Freezer Spell
      1. Who is it that you’re trying to freeze out of your life? Freezer Spells work well to get rid of a bully or to ward off enemies. You will need something that represents that person in your spell. Here you can use their full name written on a piece of paper, a strand of their hair, a bit of their clothing, or even an object they’ve recently touched. Whatever it is, make sure that it holds relevance to that person.
  • Choose a Wetting Agent
    1. If you want them to feel soured by the spell, you can use vinegar. Plain water will work fine, but make sure it’s not sweetened with anything. Don't use salt water, oil, or alcohol since these agents don’t freeze. 

    Optional: Items for a Circle or Ritual Space
    If you want to open a circle before practicing your spellwork, gather everything you need for this and open the circle before beginning.

    How to Cast a Freezer Spell

    Fill your container of choice with the liquid, and place the object representing the person inside. Once you’ve done this, spend time visualizing, meditating, chanting, or focusing intently on the results you want from the spell.

    When you feel that there is enough visualization and power behind what you’ve created, seal the contents. You may do this by merely closing the lid on the container, or you may want to chant or pour candle wax over the top to symbolically seal it as well. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s 100% spill-proof before placing it in the freezer. Once your spell is in the freezer, you can sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

    How to Recharge a Freezer Spell

    If you feel like the effects of your spell have worn off, or it’s been 1-2 months with no results, you can recharge your Freezer Spell. Simply take it out of the freezer, let it thaw, and then put it back in. If you want, you can spend time visualizing the results you wish to again before placing it back in the freezer. 

    How to End a Freezer Spell

    There are many reasons you may want to reverse or end a Freezer Spell. Th subject of the spell may have left your life completely. Or, perhaps they've undergone some healing and are no longer a negative influence. Whatever that reason is, ending the freezing spell is not as quite as simple as just letting it thaw out. To cancel this defensive magic, you'll want to send the energy back into the earth and cleanse all spaces and objects involved.

    First, dig a hole in the earth and let the contents of the spell thaw and melt. Before pouring the contents into the hole, declare the person released from the spell and visualize the new results you are looking for. Once you’ve poured the contents into the hole, move the dirt back in place and cleanse the container that once held your Freezer Spell. You can now consider the Freezer Spell buried, and the effects of it will wear off in time.

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    • IV done this for years. Sometimes Dolls are made then put in a Tight Freezer bag. Harm None. 💜

      Jamie Fagan

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