Sigil Magic: What is a Sigil?


What is a Sigil?

The word sigil comes from the word "sigillum" in Latin, meaning "seal." Originally, sigils were used to connect to demons and spirits. Sigils were thought the correct form of an entity's name (kind of like the artist Prince's symbol). Using them would seemingly give practitioner control over the spirit to get spiritual, mental, or material wealth. But they're not so scary nowadays. In fact, they're more like an intention-amplifier instead of a spirit-summoner.
In contemporary magic, sigils are powerful symbols to manifest a particular outcome. A magic practitioner, spiritualist, or witch can create thousands of different sigils, each with its own distinct purpose. A sigil symbolizes the desired result which is personalized by each practitioner, and thus unique in its design. The symbols themselves can combine letters, pictographs, hieroglyphs, etc., depending on the artist. Millions of sigils exist throughout history, all with their own specific purpose and power.
These days, sigils are a form of chaos magic, so there is no "right" way of creating your own sigil. It is up to the practitioner and their goals, intentions, and artistic creativity. These symbols are an empowering way to manage desires, ambitions, and your ultimate aspirations in your life.

What is Sigil Magic?

Sigil magic is essentially condensing a complex goal into a powerful symbol. Then, that symbol conjures the practitioner's aspirations and manifests clear and intentional results. Often misunderstood, a sigil's power doesn't only come from the symbol itself but from the actual creative process. The mind and body works together, transferring the intentions through your hands into your drawing, carving, or painting. That's why using a sigil conceived by someone else does't have quite the same effect. The personal intention and magic of creation isn't there.
When designing the symbols within your sigil, you must focus on a definite intention. From love sigils to sigils for protection, healing, or money, there are limitless symbols to create. Whatever you can conjure up in your mind can become a sigil.
When you finish your sigil's design, you can hang it in a place that you look at often, such as in your home office. You can wear it on your body (as a pendant) or even burn the sigil and perform spellwork with the ashes. Sigil construction is entirely unique to you, so whatever you feel you should do with your sigil after its creation is up to you.

Why use Sigils in Spells?

Sigils are excellent for inhibiting our limiting thoughts and self-doubt. When we spend time creating a sigil, we express a compelling desire to change our life's direction in some aspectVisualization, meditation, space cleansing, and ritual magic are often involved in creating a sigilFor most, the act of intention-setting and making art out of that intention is very powerful. It is this power that gives the sigil its real magical quality.

Take some time for yourself and start writing down some of the things you'd like to transform in your life. When you've decided on something, create your own sigil and watch the magic happen!

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